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About RBS

Reliant Billing Services is a boutique billing service catering our clients on a more personal level. We place the highest value in getting to know our clients, and maintaining the best interest of their practice.


RBS was established in 1994.


We are a flourishing business located in the Pacific Northwest and pride ourselves in offering services that are specifically designed to meet each individual clients needs. In our quest to provide our clients with the best services possible, we continually strive to stay updated & educated in the ever changing medical billing field.


Reliant Business Service is your one stop source for every aspect of the insurance collection and patient billing process.


Patient Inquires
All patients have access to our phone #, fax #, email, website and address. Any questions or descrepancies go through us saving you and your office valuable time away from the phone. All

inquires are handled within 24 hrs. (M-F).


Bank Deposits
For even more ways to save you time and money, have us do your depositing for you! Clients EOB's and payments are sent to our secure Post Office Box, eliminating time spent sending us copies. Please contact us for a list of local banks we can deposit to.


On occassion, appeals are necessary. We can help obtain facts through research in an effort to get claims paid. Our company is relentless when it comes to getting our clients reimbursed.


Fast & Accurate
Fast means nothing if you are not accurate. We make every attempt to get it right the first time. Our company has unlimited access to the latest billing information available to us. With our access and clearinghouse, we can help you find errors in claims before they're even submitted

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